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Band Leader

Bryan Copeland Bryan and the Aardvarks
  • 512-658-8935
  • http://bryanandtheaardvarks.com

Catch our next live show

Cornelia Street Cafe 

29 Cornelia Street  

Thursday, April 6th, 8pm


For information, call:  

(212) 989-9319


Or visit:  




115 Empire St, Providence, RI

Friday, April 7th, 8pm


For information, call:  

(401) 831-9327


Or visit:  



The Jazz Gallery

1160 Broadway, 5th fl, New York, NY

Thursday, April 27th, 8pm


For information, call:  

(646) 494-3625


Or visit:  


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Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bryan-and-the-Aardvarks/123977137643950 Twitter -- https://twitter.com/bryaardvark